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JITOA held its Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
and board elections for the term 2016-2018 
on Sunday 21/2/2016 at the Marriott Amman Hotel.
The meeting was attended by Active and Associate members of the association, JITOA’s legal advisor, financial auditor, a representative from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Ministry of Social Works.
The Assembly resulted in the approval of the Association’s financial statement for the year 2015 and the re-election of 'Elias Nino Co.' as auditors for the year 2016. The Assembly also approved JITOA Annual Report for 2015. The Report was presented by JITOA Executive Director, Mrs. Lina Al Khaled, who spoke of the association’s major achievements, and showcased the activities and initiatives organized during 2015. Mrs. Al Khaled highlighted work related to JITOA main pillars including lobbying and advocacy which mainly relates to issues arising with the government; Business development which helps in developing a better business environment for the Jordan Tourism sector; Marketing activities; Capacity Building through a variety of training sessions; and Networking with the launch of the Power Breakfast series among other.
The presentation also included details of the upcoming 2016 plan of work for the association which is based on the new JITOA strategic plan for 2016-2018.
Furthermore, the Active members of the General Assembly elected its new board of directors for the coming term 2016-2018 as follows: 
Ms. Ghada Najjar, Karma House Travel & Tourism
Mr. Awni Kawar, Petra Travel & Tourism Co.  
Ms. Arwa Al Mahadin, Tyche Tours
Mr. Eid Nawafleh, Jordan Tours & Travel
Mr. Fadi Sayess, Discovery Travel & Tourism
Mr. Karim Mubarak, Amani Tours
Mr. Nasser Zaatarah, Zaatarah Co. for Travel and Tourism
The new elected Board members will meet right after the General Assembly and identify the role and position of each board member, and assign the required tasks. In their first board meeting, the Board will discuss some major topics in relation to policy and advocacy, and how to enforce relations with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the tourism sector. This will be resembled in maintaining communications with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and other relevant authorities in all issues to tackle the various challenges of the industry, not to mention the importance of cooperation with the rest of the stakeholders of the sector.  The new Board will reinforce the new strategic plan and will build on the efforts of the former board.
In 2015, JITOA was able to increase its membership by 30%, with 10 new associate and 3 new active members joining the association, a total of 13 members.
It is worth mentioning that the Marriott Amman Hotel, an Associate member of JITOA, sponsored this meeting.

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