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Member Services

JITOA member services are designed to help the members in enhancing the quality of services offered to tourists and enriching their experience, through getting high class and professional services, to ensure an enjoyable and unique travel experience in all means.

JITOA works closely with members to study the tourism market needs in terms of international standard practices and travel services.

JITOA manage to create specialized committees in order to better serve our mission of “Raising the Standards of the Inbound Industry in Jordan”. With the active participation in these committees JITOA members can be enrolled in the decision making and planning for a better future of the inbound industry in Jordan.

These committees are long-term committees that have been identified as corner stone in the operation of JITOA. The committees are manned by board members and ordinary members and are considered the basis from which taskforces/subcommittees may emerge.


► Professional Business Services

PI & PL Insurance Services (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance)

JITOA has introduced tour operator members with the Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance coverage, in cooperation with the Euro-Arab Insurance Group.  

The development of this coverage is another mark of JITOA’s ongoing efforts to raise the standards for Jordan’s inbound tour operators to meet International Best Practices guidelines.   

Foreign outbound tour operators are increasingly requiring that their inbound partners have professional indemnity and public liability coverage, and JITOA is pleased that its members can now provide the mark of high professional standards to its overseas partners. 
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► JITOA Commitees

 1. Adventure Committee
This committee is responsible for working towards realizing and developing the potentials Jordan has for adventure and Eco-tourism, and facilitating the enabling environment and context for this niche market.
Adventure tourism is an important niche market in the current tourism to Jordan.  Many of the tours to Jordan incorporate some adventure activities in their trips in such places as Wadi Rum.  Many visitors have adventure tourism as their main focus in trips that involve hiking, trekking, Canyoning, rock climbing, etc.. Furthermore, with so many areas in Jordan yet to be discovered by the adventure tourists we believe that Jordan has much more to offer this market.  
JITOA recognize that adventure tourism is the fastest growing segment of tourism worldwide and now we are working together to help Jordan tap into this market.

2.  Tour Guides Committee
This committee is responsible for discussing issues related to the Tour Guides

3.    The Code of Conduct Committee
This committee is responsible for working with other industry stakeholders to create code of conducts to help enforce best practices create a solid base for business relationships, and maintaining good relationships with all other stakeholders, the main parties to start working with are the hotels and the tour guides. By signing on to the code of conduct all signatories, agree to conduct their activities with integrity, transparency and accountability. This means they undertake and uphold an agreed set of values and principles in both the work they support, the main staff member who will work with this committee is the Executive Director.

4.  Advocacy Committee
This committee is responsible for building new strategic alliance, enhancing our public image, maintaining good relationships with policy-makers, reviewing proposed laws and rules, taking timely action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization and the profession. It organizes efforts to block unfavorable regulations and support favorable laws in state agencies and in legislature, and often retains a professional lobbyist. The main staff member who will work with this committee is the Executive Director.

5.  Membership Committee
This committee will be responsible for developing and communicating membership value to members in addition to target audiences for membership, successfully enrolling new members while retaining current members. Specific, quantitative goals and deadlines for enrollment and retention should be set by the chairperson. It should regularly review the organization’s membership strategies. The main staff member who will work with this committee is the Membership Officer.

6.  Organization Networking Committee
This committee will be responsible for the activities of inter-organization cooperation, system development, identification of areas of commonalities between organizations and contract development. The main staff members will be the Membership Officer, Events Coordinator and the Administrative Assistant.

7.  Standard of Excellence Committee
The SOE committee will be dealing with the consultant and the Executive Director in assisting the development of the SOE. The committee will be concentrating on the effort of developing and managing the SOE with the Executive Director and SOE Staff members. Work on two major projects of JITOA, the tour operator’s manual, and the certification and accreditation system, that JITOA is planning to create in 2007.

8.  MICE Committee
The MICE committee will be dealing with the consultant and the Executive Director in developing the MICE plan. The committee will also help in managing the MICE plan with the Events Coordinator and the Executive Director.

9.  Educational Committee

This committee will be responsible for establishing and developing the educational programs initiated by JITOA including Certifications, FAM trips, the Career forum and any other educational programs that could be established. In addition to encouraging members to participate in the educational programs as well as targeting non-members. The main staff member who will work with this committee is the Executive Director, Events Coordinator, and Membership Officer.

 To Take part in JITOA Committees or to learn more please contact JITOA Membership Officer (Contact Us).


Did You KNOW

JITOA has more than 60 members including the top producers, as more than 70% of the packaged tours coming to Jordan are coming through our members.

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