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Market Access

CBI - Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries Programs

The CBI, Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, aims to assist companies from developing countries in making an entry or enlarging their exports on the EU markets.

For this purpose it has developed a wide range of support program. The CBI’s work is financed by the Dutch government which means participation costs are limited.

The CBI was founded in 1971. Its many years of experience and its extensive international network make the CBI one of the most important centers of expertise in export marketing and export management from developing countries.

JITOA supported its active members of inbound tour operators to participate in the “Export Coaching Programme (ECP)” for tourism, and helped them to enrol in their development and training programs. A number of JITOA members applied in July 2009 and six were successfully passed to enter the prgram.

Participating companies in the CBI-ECP 2008-2014 will receive individual support over 3 years period by means of on-site consultancy, training schemes, market information, trade fair participation and business-to-business activities. They will also receive extensive information about each market during an Export Marketing Training and will be assisted by a CBI external expert with a long track record in the sector. Along with the CBI external expert, participants will be able to decide on the best options to enter the market. These could be: trade fair participations, one-to-one meetings with buyers, a road show or presentations to present your product. The program is thus completely tailor-made to your company's needs and whishes.

Learn more about the CBI Export Coaching Program Tourism 2008-2014 for Tourism

Europeans are increasingly crossing borders. Not only do they travel more, they also travel further. Major European markets for long-haul tourism like Germany, the UK and the Netherlands have grown by a striking 35% over the past six years. European outbound tour operators are searching for reliable partners, providing quality services in long-haul destinations.

Prime opportunities, but how to take advantage of them? Especially the market for long-haul tourism revolves around the relationships between inbound and outbound tour operators. Finding the right partners and getting in touch with them is not easy. Furthermore, the European market is complex and fragmented. Determining which geographical market and which market segment to target is not an easy job either.

The result of these difficulties is that many companies miss out on prime opportunities. To prevent this from happening to you, CBI has started a new Export Coaching Program (ECP) for the Tourism sector.

What can CBI do for you?

    When your company participates in an ECP, you and CBI will have a common goal: to make   
    your company do (more) business in Europe. CBI will:

     •Help you get technically ready for the European market;
     •Provide you with skills and knowledge on the European market and its major players;
     •Provide you with opportunities to enter the market, for example by arranging participations in   
       trade fairs, individual presentations to buyers and road shows.

Within the program, a team of CBI experts all having a long track record on different parts of the European market, will assist you. The knowledge, experience and network of this team of CBI sector experts will be at your disposal.

JSMP Grants

The Jordan Services Modernisation Programme (JSMP) is an EU funded programme focusing on the development and modernization of the Services sector. Its duration is 3 years (2009-2011) with a total budget of €16 million. Beneficiaries of the programme are private service sector enterprises - Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) - relevant business associations and public sector bodies.  The main objective of JSMP is to assist Jordan to fully benefit from the opportunities of trade liberalisation of services in the context of the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) and the economic integration objectives of the Istanbul Protocol signed in July 2004.  To facilitate the implementation of JSMP, JEDCO is now creating a Services Sector Support Directorate (SD). The SD will include four departments: the Technical Support Department (TSD), the Services Export Promotion Department (SEPD), the Financial Support Scheme Department (FSSD) and the Policy Support Department (PSD). A specialized customer focused information center shall also be established to serve the needs of the business community. http://www.jedco.gov.jo/jsmp.html#top 

Did You KNOW

JITOA supported its members to participate in the CBI’s “Export Coaching Programme (ECP)” for tourism to help them in taking part in international marketing training and developments programs to increase business with Europe.

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